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The Complete Guide to Anime Tattoos

Table of Contents

Anime has an extraordinary amount of history, art, and emotion throughout its existence, which extends from a long-standing practice of storytelling with accompanying images in a tradition called manga. This history combines with a huge variety of topics to create an art form that connects with all walks of life, from young to old. The strong emotional connections and fantastic imagery that come from anime makes for a great tattoo!

The Popularity of Anime

The widespread appeal of anime is truly astounding. Since the art has become more accessible throughout the world, the popularity of anime has skyrocketed! Anime has become more accessible, but has also taken over other platforms, which helps to further the influence the stories have. Pokemon, for example, has seen tremendous popularity within videogames, movies, trading cards, and more!

Many of the most popular franchises, like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, have existed for decades and still see new releases within their franchises or through related stories. This means that there is a tremendous amount of content already out that is now permeating through generations as kids are exposed to anime through their parents. Anime shows no signs of slowing down with its increasing popularity.

Finding Your Style

Background Research

Chances are that if you’re here, you’ve watched anime before. That is truly one of the best ways to research the art and meaning of anime. Your subjective experience watching anime is extremely important, especially when considering a tattoo of it. Online sources are still worth their time; looking into the story behind the story can provide valuable insight into your favorite animes.

Through this research, both your own and other people’s experiences within the anime community, you can understand the symbolism and deep meaning that is often within these images and stories. It is this deep meaning and symbolism that creates tremendous tattoos.

Choosing Your Style

Throughout your research, some anime are bound to stick out and connect with you. These stories and characters can be consolidated into a list of the things that inspire you and possible tattoos. List out as many inspirations as you can. This includes not only different anime, but also the characters and images inside each series.

From there, if you choose, you can customize and personalize the imagery from your inspirations to put your own twist on it. Even small changes can go a long way towards creating a unique identity to go alongside your new anime tattoo.

Finding Your Artist

Behind any good tattoo is a talented, invested artist. Especially within the anime tattoo community, finding an artist who has experience with anime tattoos (and who probably watches anime themselves) is important. These artists will have a deeper understanding of the art style, the meaning, and the most essential elements to capture in your tattoo to make sure that you are able to leave 1000% satisfied with your piece.

Doing portfolio evaluations is a great starting point for finding an artist. You can look at their previous work and find a style that particularly connects with you or is how you wish to depict your tattoo. Recommendations and referrals from friends or other individuals who have anime tattoos are another fantastic source to narrow down your search for an artist.

Finding Your Tattoo

With an artist and an inspiration, it’s time to size and place the tattoo. Where on your body do you want it?

Consider the following:

  • Do you want your tattoo to be easily concealable?

  • Do you have other tattoos that limit space?

  • How large do you want your anime tattoo? The more detail you want, the larger the piece will need to be.

Download Our Anime Tattoo Guide

Download PDF • 12.22MB

Finding Yourself with Your Anime Tattoo

Once you get your anime tattoo, it’s time to carry your imagery with the confidence and respect it deserves. Tattoos are a tremendous form of self-expression that deserve to be shared with the world. Also understand that not everyone will like or accept your self-expression, which is absolutely fine.

Taking proper care of your tattoo through aftercare and sun protection will keep your art looking great for years to come. Finding clothing that accentuates your tattoo can be a fun way to show it off. Take the time to connect with others within the anime tattoo community. There are some tremendous people within the community that share your devotion to anime!

Anime Tattoos in a Nutshell

Anime, and anime tattoos, have shown no signs of slowing down in popularity. This cements the long lasting appeal of the art form. If you’re devoted to anime, you should absolutely join the anime tattoo community. Express yourself and connect with like-minded individuals within the community. Get yourself an anime tattoo today!

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