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The Anime tattoo style has emerged onto today’s tattoo scene as a popular design choice, even though its origins can only be traced back to around the 2010s. This phenomenon is directly tied to the increase in popularity Anime has seen as an art form; people all over the planet are investing their time, emotions, and now bodies towards their favorite Anime.



Although Anime tattoos are relatively new, Anime and the original content that inspired it have a rich history to draw from, which has helped create a host of dramatic Anime tattoo designs that we see all around us now. 

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History of Anime Tattoos

Anime is derived from a hand-created art form called Manga that has an extensive history within Japanese culture. Manga consists of drawn or painted illustrations within panels that accompany stories that can touch on all aspects of life. Anime usually refers to the digital animations of Manga and similar content. The development of technology has allowed for an exponential increase in popularity around the world as people from every continent can now access and contribute to the stories and art that were once relatively contained to Japan. 

Anime has a distinct feel compared to Western animations; Anime tends to focus on camera effects and angles compared to the more movement-focused approach of characters in Western animation. Another common feature in Anime is exaggerated characters, especially their eyes. Anime often features large, expressive eyes allowing for a more emotive look. These differences, alongside the fantastic cinematography and stories of Anime-style productions has caused Anime to dramatically surge ahead of Western animations in popularity. A trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The Future of the Style

The anime community at this point is extremely developed. This includes not only scores of fans all gravitating towards characters and stories that speak to them, but also an ever increasing amount of creators. You can find an anime in any genre imaginable from horror, to comedy, to raw action. Within the bounds of these stories are breathtaking art styles and relatable characters that you can accompany on their journeys across different realities. 

Since the 2010’s, where the first anime tattoos started showing up, the style and content in general has continued to explode in popularity. The future of Anime looks bright as more content within some fan-favorite stories continue to come out and new stories arise altogether. This new content, and the rich history of Manga and the content that already exists, creates an expansive landscape for innovative, unique, breath-taking tattoo ideas waiting to be inked. 

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Anime Tattoo FAQs

What are the Rules of Anime Tattoos?

Generally speaking, there aren’t many rules to this style. Rather, anime tattoos depict the art and can use a variety of tattoo techniques to do so. Anime tattoos often work with the characters (or maybe just some recognizable features) to create a design or utilize the panel format that Manga uses to depict the progression of story. You can get black and white pieces or full color, however you wish to express the anime that speaks to you most.

How Large are Anime Tattoos?

Usually, Anime tattoo designs tend to be of the medium and large varieties. There is an extraordinary amount of detail in Anime and Manga that can be captured through tattoo techniques such as shading and deep color saturation. That being said, small Anime tattoos are absolutely possible and have seen a particular increase in popularity, especially after a celebrity like Ariana Grande gets a small Anime tattoo on her arm. 

Do Anime Tattoos Age Well?

Generally speaking, Anime tattoos are a hardy tattoo style. The dark, defined outlines typical of an Anime tattoo will fade quite slowly, which goes the same for the deeply saturated color also commonly seen in Anime tattoos. With proper application from a skilled artist, proper aftercare, and proper precautions thereafter, an Anime tattoo is built to last.

What are the Most Popular Anime Tattoos?

The popularity of certain Anime tattoos tend to follow the general popularity of the franchise itself. Thus, the most popular Anime tattoos consist of classics like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as well as Pokemon, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Attack on Titan. These stories have gained tremendous popularity because people have connected with the characters therein. This should be the driving force in choosing your Anime tattoo subject: a story or character that you personally connect with.

Anime Tattoos & Cover Ups

Anime tattoos generally are hard to cover up due to their often large sizes and deeply saturated blacks and colors. But as the cover, anime tattoos can provide a lot of saturated color and size to totally dwarf a smaller tattoo underneath. Anime designs aren’t for everyone, but if you enjoy anime, sometimes these can be a great choice for coving over a previous tattoo. Get in touch with the anime experts at First Class Tattoo for an incredible anime tattoo cover up.

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