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Walk in/Flash Tattoos NYC


Walk-in and flash tattoos have played a huge role throughout the history of tattooing! Back in the early days of the practice as we know it, sailors would stroll ashore looking for a distinguishing mark, a permanent souvenir of their travels. The point was to have little planning, to use simple imagery, or to take advantage of the local artist's profile, and capture a chapter of life.


This culture around walk-ins/flash tattoos remains strong today as a way to put a memory in a bottle, to savor and to remember, and to keep the memory on your body forever!

Mikhail Andersson - First Class Tattoo


Walk-In Tattoos - NYC

Walk-in tattoos are a great option if you want something simple, but personalized. Simple ideas like small names/phrases or simple symbols create the best walk-in pieces; you want the artist to be able to quickly understand your idea and speedily carry out your design.


For more complicated requests, an appointment is the better option to make sure everything in your design is accounted for and understood by the artist.

Flash Tattoos - NYC

Flash tattoos differ from walk-ins in that the artist has the designs premade in their portfolio. These designs tend to be less personalized, but can still hold a tremendous amount of detail and swagger.


The tattoo artist will have experience on the particular flash design making for a quick, yet well-crafted tattoo that can encapsulate a time in life or a particular adventure. Plus, if you like a design but need a small change to make it perfect, artists are usually willing to work with a pre-made design to make sure it’s perfect for your life.


Why Choose First Class for a Walk-In or Flash Tattoo?

First Class Tattoo is the premier tattoo shop for walk-ins and flash tattoos in New York City. The talented pool of artists at FTC can expertly carry out walk-in designs alongside their extensive flash portfolios stuffed with unique, hand-crafted designs to be chosen from. The shop and staff are clean, quick, and professional and will certainly send you home with a badass work of art on your skin.

Walk in/Flash Tattoo Gallery

FAQs about Walk In Tattoos

What are walk-in tattoos? Can I get a tattoo the same day without an appointment at First Class Tattoo?:

Walk-in tattoos are where a client brings in their own simple tattoo design to the shop. After a quick session with the artist to make sure everything is understood, the artist tattoos the design right there and sends you home the same day, no appointment is required. First Class Tattoo absolutely offers walk-in tattoos should the designs be easy to understand and execute. 

What is the price range for walk-in tattoos at First Class Tattoos, and does the price include tax and tip?:

The price of a walk-in tattoo will depend on the artist and shop. Some artists may quote you a flat price or their hourly rate. Most studios will have a minimum price, for First Class Tattoos the minimum is $200. If you have a budget, it is best to be upfront with the artist! As long as you a flexible and understanding, they may be able to make something work for you. Tax and tip are not usually factored into the quoted price of a walk-in tattoo. Based on NYC studios, expect the prices to be $150+ depending on the design and size.

Can I choose my tattoo artist for a walk-in session at First Class Tattoos, or is it assigned based on availability?:

For a walk-in session at First Class Tattoo, you can select the artist to work with you! However, walking in on any given day may mean your favorite artist is busy for that particular time and that you have to wait. But we will never force you to get your tattoo from an artist you don’t select or fully trust.

What should I know about pain tolerance and tattoo placement for walk-in appointments at First Class Tattoo?:

Speak with your artist before tattooing if you have any particular issues with pain tolerance. Some tattoo placements will cause more discomfort than others depending on your anatomy. Come in with an idea of where you’d like your tattoo placed and talk with the artist to understand the area and understand the practicality of your request. 

What are the aftercare instructions for walk-in tattoos are First Class Tattoos, and how should I prepare before the session?:

Prior to the session, make sure you are well-hydrated and clean. After receiving your tattoo, continue these practices of staying hydrated while keeping your new tattoo clean and breathing. Don’t pin your new tattoo under tight clothing, but also don’t expose it to the sun. Treat the tattoo as an open wound; provide some protection but make sure it can breathe to allow for a quick and safe recovery. 

FAQs about Flash Tattoos

What are flash tattoos, and do First Class Tattoos offer a range of pre-designed flash tattoos?:

Flash tattoos are the practice of walking into a tattoo shop, selecting a premade design by the artist, and having the ink applied to you in a flash. First Class Tattoo offers a host of flash tattoos and has quite a menu of pre-designed tattoos to pick from. 

Can I request minor customizations to flash tattoo designs at First Class Tattoos?:

Although the designs are premade, if you have small customization requests the artists at First Class Tattoo can work with your requests to create something more unique to you. Keep customizations small and easily understandable; for more complex customizations or large pieces, you’re better off making an appointment. 

What is the typical size and complexity of flash tattoos available at First Class Tattoos?:

Flash tattoos tend to be size-wise in the small to medium range. Depending on the designs, complexity can come and go, but generally, flash tattoos tend to be smaller and simpler to allow the artist to efficiently work through the design.

Are flash tattoo designs at First Class Tattoos created by the resident artists, and can I view their portfolios?:

At First Class Tattoo, the flash designs are largely made by the resident artists. You can absolutely view their portfolios beforehand to have an idea of what you want and whose style best fits your eye. 

How does the pricing for flash tattoos at First Class Tattoos work, and are there any special flash tattoo events or promotions?:

Flash tattoos typically are priced similarly to walk-in and they are sometimes offered at a flat rate before tax and tip depending on the complexity of your request. Keep an eye out for special promotions, though, as many shops have special events where you can receive a flash tattoo for cheaper if you attend.

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If you need an experienced artist in the realm of flash or walk in tattoos, the team at First Class Tattoo in New York City is a fantastic choice!


With so many walk in and flash tattoos already under their belt, the artists at First Class Tattoo have seen it all and can use that experience to help you. 

52 Canal Street, New York, NY 10002  |  Tel: (646) 998-5203

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