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Financial District NYC Tattoo Shop - Getting to First Class Tattoo

The Financial District is one of the most iconic areas of New York City and as you traverse the section, you’ll find no shortage of individuals with tattoos walking the streets. As with the entirety of NYC, the Financial District has had a colored history with tattoos. The city-wide ban on tattoos in New York from 1961 to 1997 has a tremendous impact on curbing the amount of artists and forcing them underground. 

Today, however, the tattoo industry has made a full recovery in NYC such that you can take a short walk from the Financial District to reach one of the best tattoo shops in the city, First Class Tattoo. Read on to find the best way to get to the pool of talented artists operating out of FTC along Canal Street right downtown in the City. 



For a quick walk to First Class Tattoo from the Financial District, the directions are simple. If you start at/near Federal Hall, you can walk a block east to reach Pearl Street, where you head northeast up Pearl, which eventually connects with St James Place. Continue walking until you reach East Broadway, and walk a few blocks east until you reach Pike Street. Traverse north a block to reach Canal Street, take a right, and walk a block to see First Class Tattoo on your right. 


Biking from the Financial District to First Class Tattoo can take under 10 minutes if you catch the lights just right! Simply hop onto Fulton Street and head north until you reach Pace University. Use Frankfort Street to connect up to Park Row, where you’ll continue biking along until you reach East Broadway. Proceed east until you connect with Pike Street, where you can turn north for two blocks to reach Canal Street. Once on Canal, First Class Tattoo will quickly appear on your right. 


The subway is another option for getting to First Class Tattoo, which starts with getting on the A train at the Fulton Street station in the Financial District. Ride the train down to Jay Street-MetroTech station where you can switch to the F line and ride north. The F train will stop at the East Broadway station where you can depart and make a short walk west along Canal Street until you reach the shop on your left-hand side. 


An easy drive can put you at First Class Tattoo as well. Regardless of your starting location within the Financial District, head east until you reach FDR Drive. Stay on this road until you reach the intersection with Pike Street, where you can turn left and head north until you reach Canal Street. Take a quick right and you’ll find First Class Tattoo on the right-hand side. 

Tattoos Inspired by Financial District

The Financial District in New York City is full of statues and symbolism that can make for great tattoos. For example, the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues are iconic NYC features that make for great symbols. Meanwhile, the rich history of immigration in the City provides a tremendous amount of inspiration around culture and prosperity. Whether you’re from the area or just visiting, the Financial District can provide a lot of inspiration to those who traverse it. 

Contact First Class Tattoo 

With such a short commute from the Financial District to First Class Tattoo, using this shop is a no-brainer. The convenience is boosted by the fact that First Class Tattoo is one of the premier tattoo shops you can find in the City with a diverse and talented pool of artists who can assist you in creating the best tattoo for your life. Contact First Class Tattoo today to get started on your tattoo adventure and see why people keep coming back for more!

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