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Downtown Brooklyn - Getting to First Class Tattoo

If you are living in or visiting Brooklyn, you will notice a lot of unique and artistic tattoos.  Following the lift of the City wide tattoo ban in 1997, New York City saw a huge influx of tattoo culture, the epicenter of which revolved around Brooklyn. This particular rise in tattoo culture within Brooklyn stems from the artistic feel and younger age of the borough that is palpable as you walk the streets.

If you’re in or near downtown Brooklyn and looking to get a tattoo, you’ve come to the right spot! The talented team of artists here at First Class Tattoo are right around the corner, and they are waiting to help design your perfect tattoo. It couldn’t be easier to set up an appointment and get in the door! Here are some of the quickest ways to navigate from Brooklyn to FCT depending on how you travel.

Brooklyn Bridge and First Class Tattoo logo



The walk from Downtown Brooklyn to First Class Tattoo is a beautiful one. Generally, there are two options, both involve taking a bridge. The Manhattan Bridge is the closer one: if you walk across into Chinatown, you can easily take a quick right on Canal Street and find the destination a few more blocks down the street. You can take the Brooklyn Bridge as well if you prefer, but there will be a longer walk once in Manhattan with this route. 


Similarly to walking, biking to First Class Tattoo can be extremely easy if you are near the bike path for the Manhattan Bridge. If you can, getting to the shop is just a short, beautiful ride over the bridge. Once in Manhattan, take an immediate right onto Canal Street and pedal for a few more blocks before your ride past First Class Tattoo on your right.


The subway ride from Downtown Brooklyn to First Class Tattoo couldn’t be easier. For immediate access, get on the F-line at either Jay St-MetroTech or York Street stations. From there, ride into Manhattan and hop off the train at the first stop at East Broadway. From this station, take a left and walk a block where you’ll find First Class Tattoo’s shop waiting on your left.


Similarly to the other methods above, driving to First Class Tattoo can be extremely easy depending on traffic. Simply take the bridge into Manhattan, take a right on Canal Street, and find parking as the destination will be on your right shortly after turning onto Canal! 

Tattoos Inspired by Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known for a thriving culture that just so happens to make for great tattoo inspiration. For one, there is iconic art abound that makes for really awesome tattoos. There is also no shortage of famous people from Brooklyn, and you can choose any one of them as your inspiration or to show your connection to the beautiful city. Some big names include Barbara Streisand, Adam Sandler, and R&B legend Aaliyah. Beyond culture, sports also have a major place in Brooklyn. Basketball culture is alive and well on the streets, and the Brooklyn Nets play in the borough. Just outside of Brooklyn are some other iconic sports franchises that draw scores of fans like the Yankees, the Knicks, the Mets, and two professional football teams: the Giants and the Jets. 

Get in Touch with First Class Tattoo

If you're in the downtown Brooklyn area looking for a tattoo, you already know where to go. First Class Tattoo is going to be your one-stop destination for designing and curating a badass, unique tattoo that you can be proud of for your entire life. The talented team of artists at FCT cover a diverse array of tattoo styles. This means that we have an expert for the style that you are looking for. Contact First Class Tattoo today to get started!

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