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Getting to First Class Tattoo

Now Accepting Walk In Tattoo Bookings

If you find yourself in Chinatown looking to navigate to one of the premier tattoo shops in New York City, First Class Tattoo is only a short walk away! Depending on your exact starting point, this walk is a simple 10 to 15 minute adventure for an experience that will last a lifetime! The shortest route is about ½ mile long that starts on Elizabeth Street, where you can navigate north a few blocks to reach Hester Street. Head east on Hester Street for approximately six blocks until you reach Orchard Street; you’ll pass the Hester Street playground on your left. Once you reach Orchard Street, turn right and head south one block to reach Canal Street. A simple left turn back east and First Class Tattoo will be waiting for you across the street! 


If you find yourself at the southern end of Chinatown, you can also make the short walk starting on Bayard Street. Head east towards Bowery, turn left to head south briefly before turning left to head eastwards on Division Street. Stay on Division Street until you reach the intersection with Allen Street. Here, you can turn left, navigate north a block, and turn right onto Canal Street. From there, First Class Tattoo awaits shortly just one block ahead.

First Class Tattoo in just a 10 Minute Walk from Chinatown!

Just 8 minutes to the

East Broadway Subway Station

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