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Lower East Side NYC Tattoo Shop - Getting to First Class Tattoo

The Lower East Side has long been one of New York’s most diverse regions. Between different waves of immigration throughout the decades, there have been huge influxes of culture and politics that has had a tremendous impact on the development in the area. Now, there exist small groupings for different cultures including Little Italy, Chinatown, and the more recent Little Australia that is continuing to grow. 

With so many cultures mixing, the Lower East Side is known for its unique culture and cutting edge art scene. Naturally, this culturally progressive region has long been acquainted with New York’s tattoo scene. 

Lower East Side First Class Tattoo

History of Tattoos in the Lower East Side

New York in general has a historic connection with tattooing. Most famously, the practice was banned in the City in 1961 due to public health concerns, where it remained illegal until 1997. During this whole history, the Lower East Side has been instrumental to tattoo culture in the city. 

The very first shops in the City were along the edge of the Lower East Side where sailors and travelers could get some sweet ink. The practice was forced underground during the ban, where it quietly continued. Following the ban being lifted, tattoos and shops sprouted up once again as an expression of the strong, ever changing culture of the region. Today, the Lower East Side continues to morph and change as new areas sprout and grow, but the central connection of culture, art, and tattoos remains! 


Today, one of the best tattoo shops in the entire city sits along the edge of the Lower East Side. First Class Tattoo is that premier tattoo shop, which is extremely easy to reach when traveling from the Lower East Side. Here are a few different methods of transport that will have you ready to be tattooed. 


When walking, the best course of action is to generally walk south towards the Manhattan Bridge. This can be done on The Bowery, Allen Street, Essex Street, or any smaller street that runs towards Two Bridges. The goal is to reach Canal Street, which is across the street from Seward Park along Essex Street and East Broadway. Head towards the intersection of Orchard Street and Canal Street to reach your destination and get a great tattoo!


Similarly to walking, biking to First Class Tattoo from the Lower East Side is a short and easy ride. Bike south towards the Manhattan bridge on one of many roads, including The Bowery, Essex Street, or Allen Street. Use East Broadway or Grand Street to move East/West to reach the intersection of Orchard and Canal Street where First Class Tattoo is waiting for you and your next tattoo! 


First Class Tattoo is extremely easy to reach via the subway system thanks to a local station, East Broadway. Simply hop on the F line at either Delancey Street, Essex St., or B’way-Lafayette street and travel for a few stops to reach East Broadway. From there, a short walk down Canal Street will have you at your destination. 


Driving to First Class Tattoo is a breeze to do. You can utilize some of the walking roads listed to head towards the Manhattan Bridge, including streets like Allen Street, Essex Street, and The Bowery. If traveling along the outskirts of the Lower East Side, you can utilize FDR Drive. Take FDR until you reach Grand Street, where you can drive west until reaching either East Broadway or Essex Street. From there, work your way to Canal Street and find parking to walk into one of the premier tattoo shops in all of NYC. 

Tattoos Inspired by the Lower East Side

With so many cultures mixing and developing, there are a seemingly endless amount of tattoo ideas inspired by the Lower East Side. Some major sources of inspiration come from the different regions you can find including Chinese symbols from Chinatown, landmarks from Little Italy, and the numerous other cultures found in Alphabet City and the East Village such as Puerto Rican, German, Jewish and Polish cultures. With so much culture, art, and diversity in the Lower East Side, there is plenty of inspiration through symbols and landmarks to get a unique tattoo that represents this part of NYC.

Contact First Class Tattoo

For one of the premier tattoo experiences in NYC, First Class Tattoo is an absolute must-visit. The team of experienced and talented artists that work at First Class Tattoo can send you home with a fantastic tattoo across many tattoo styles to make sure you get the tattoo of your dreams. Our artists understand NYC and can be worked with to get a representation of the Lower East Side, or wherever you call home. Contact First Class Tattoo today and get your New York City tattoo experience underway.

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