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Chinatown NYC Tattoo Shop - Getting to First Class Tattoo

Chinatown, New York City has a long, storied history with tattoos. In fact, the first tattoo shops in the city popped up in modern-day Chinatown back in 1870, when sailors and other more transient people lined up to get ink done. 

Tattoos in Chinatown continued to grow in popularity in the area up until 1961 when an outbreak of Hepatitis B was used as justification to ban the practice in the City entirely. This, naturally, didn’t stop tattooing in Chinatown, it merely pushed the market underground outside of the reach of authorities. In 1997, after 36 years, the ban was lifted allowing for a proliferation in New York Tattoo culture. 

Today, you can find premier tattoo artists and teams in the city if you know where to look. One of these premier shops, First Class Tattoo, sits right between Chinatown and the Lower East Side making it a tremendously easy destination for millions of people! Here are some ways for you to find your way to First Class Tattoo for a premier tattoo experience. 

First Class Tattoo - Chinatown Tattoos NYC



If you’re walking to First Class Tattoo, there are a few main roads that prove to be very helpful. The shop lies on Canal Street, which means there is a destination road for you to take that runs basically from the Hudson River over to the Manhattan Bridge. Bowery and Allen Street are connecting streets that span in perpendicular directions as Canal making it easy to find one of these options and connect. First Class Tattoo is right on the edge of Chinatown making it an extremely easy walk! 


Similar to walking, biking to First Class Tattoo is super easy and just requires you to reach Canal Street, where the shop is located. Coming from Chinatown, simply hop on Canal Street or East Broadway to ride East toward Seward Park where the destination will be only a block away. 


There are a few conveniently located subway stations close to First Class Tattoo to give you easy access. Depending on where you start and the line you choose, the destination stations are East Broadway (just a block away), Grand Street (for a short walk south on Chrystie Street), and Canal Street (you walk east on Canal for a few blocks to reach your destination. 


Driving in the city can always be a little difficult, but you can certainly drive to First Class Tattoo. For best results, find your way to Canal Street and take the short drive east until you reach the shop. Allen Street and Pike Street provide north/south transit to reach the shop, and the Manhattan Bridge serves as a more long-distance driving method to get you and your vehicle to the shop.

Tattoos Inspired by Chinatown 

Chinatown has a lot of fodder for tattoo inspiration. The abundance of Chinese culture and symbolism provides a good selection of images and characters that make for great tattoos. The architecture in the area is unique, creating one-of-a-kind buildings that can easily be transferred and presented in tattoo form. Within Chinese culture, there are a ton of other people, animals, and figures that create awesome tattoos when done by experienced hands. 

Contact First Class Tattoo 

For a premier tattoo experience almost right in Chinatown, First Class Tattoo is the shop for you. Our team of expert, experienced, and diverse artists have the skillset to accomplish anything you can dream of. We have specialists in Chinese tattoo symbolism as well as any other genre of tattoo you can think of. 

Reach out online or come down to the store and get started with First Class Tattoo! We can provide you with all the answers you may have regarding tattooing and designing, and we’ll make sure you go home with the tattoos of your dreams! Capture your personality, your roots, and your future with some incredible ink from First Class Tattoo

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