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Origin: California
Specialties: Black and Grey, Fine line, Ornamental, Color  

Brooke has been an oil painter most of her life and her passion for self-expression and storytelling is also reflected in her discipline as a tattoo artist. Brooke is eagerly learning various techniques, styles, and intricate lessons of working with skin under the guidance of her mentor, Mikhail Anderson. Brooke specializes in fine-line and illustrative styles. She strives to embody the flow of human contours, with an allure for floral motifs, abstract ornamentals and vibrant color palettes. Outside the studio, she continues her love of painting and finding inspiration in music.

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At First Class Tattoo our artists focus on different styles from Black & Grey or Color Realism to Fine Line, Neo Traditional and everything in between. Bringing in talent from across the globe, First Class Tattoos employs artists with varying styles to accommodate any piece our clients want to get inked.

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