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Tribeca NYC Tattoo Shop - Getting to First Class Tattoo

Tattoos in Tribeca 

Tribeca, New York has long been a unique piece of Lower Manhattan that stands out for its history and culture. Tattoos have been a strong piece of Tribeca since the infamous NYC tattoo ban was lifted in 1997 after 36 years of prohibition. The demographic of Tribeca trends towards young and middle-aged adults, who comprise about 50 percent of the population and who have created a great environment for tattoo culture. 

If you’re in/near Tribeca and are looking for a fantastic tattoo, the artists at First Class Tattoo are nearby on the edge of the Lower East Side and they are waiting for you! Come be a part of the Tribeca tattoo culture and the growing tattoo scene in broader New York City. Be proud of who you are and get the art that makes you happy! Here are some of the quickest ways to navigate toward First Class Tattoo, your ultimate tattoo destination. 

Tribeca, NYC and First Class Tattoo Logo



The walk to First Class Tattoo is as simple as it gets. All that is required is to navigate to Canal Street and start walking east. You’ll cruise through Chinatown, past the Manhattan Bridge, and, as soon as you pass the intersection of Canal Street and Orchard Street, you’ll see your tattoo destination on your right. 


Similarly to walking, to bike to First Class Tattoo, simply navigate to Canal Street and head east. Pass the Manhattan Bridge and keep cruising until you find Orchard Street. At that intersection of Canal and Orchard, you’ll see your Tattoo Destination on your right. 


To subway, you’ll need to ride two trains for a short trip to First Class Tattoo. Start at the Canal Street station and hop on the J Line. Ride this towards Delancey St - Essex St station and switch to the F Line. Ride F towards East Broadway station where you can disembark. Head west on Canal Street for a couple of blocks. After Ludlow Street, you’ll see your tattoo destination on your left. 


The drive from Tribeca to First Class Tattoo is extremely easy. Navigate to Canal Street and drive west. Stay on Canal until you pass Allen Street and then pass Orchard Street. Look for parking as your tattoo destination will be on the right. 

Tattoos Inspired by Tribeca 

With such a rich history and culture in Tribeca itself, there is no shortage of inspiration to be had. If history is your thing, tap into the rich story of farming and manufacturing that created Tribeca as we know it. If pop culture is more your style, maybe you want to pay homage to some of the great cultural figures that came from or lived in Tribeca including Robert De Niro and Beyonce. Tribeca is also featured in numerous TV shows like Wizards of Waverly Place and Law and Order: SVU if these are things that mean something special to you

Get in Touch with First Class Tattoo! 

If you’re in or near Tribeca and looking for a tattoo, First Class Tattoo is just a short way away from fulfilling your wildest tattoo dreams. Our talented team of artists can work with you to create exactly the tattoo you want in whatever style you fancy. Use the simple directions above to navigate your way to the shop and see what the hype is about. Get in touch with First Class Tattoo today!

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