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Greenwich Village Tattoo Shop - Getting to First Class Tattoo

Greenwich Village and the History of Tattoo Shops

While the relationship between New York City and tattoos hasn’t always been the best, this city and this form of expression have been intertwined for centuries. In 1997, the city passed a bill that legalized and regulated the practice of tattooing, something that was forced underground when city officials had the practice banned.

Today, NYC and Greenwich Village in particular have a much different relationship to tattoos. It’s quite common to see individuals rocking full tattoo sleeves walking around the city. All the while, the number of tattoo shops continues to grow and more talented artists are popping up creating a healthy tattoo atmosphere in NYC. DIRECTION TO FIRST CLASS TATTOO NYC

Greenwich Village and First Class Tattoo NYC

Getting to First Class Tattoo From Greenwich Village

For one of the premier tattoo experiences in the City, it’s hard to beat the experienced, meticulous artist crew at First Class Tattoo. If you find yourself looking for a tattoo coming from Greenwich Village, here are a few ways to get to somewhere special.


Walking from Greenwich Village to First Class Tattoo is a journey that covers about two miles in distance. Starting at The Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street, head down 7th Avenue South for a block and turn left onto Bleecker Street heading towards Broadway and Lafayette. Continue until you reach The Bowery and turn right where you’ll continue walking until you reach Canal Street. A left on Canal Street and a few more blocks will put you on the doorstep of a premier tattoo shop.


Biking from Greenwich Village to First Class Tattoo is an easy ride taking less than 15 minutes! Starting at the Stonewall Inn, ride a few blocks down West 4th Street until you reach the beginning of Washington Square Park where you’ll turn right on MacDougal and ride down to Bleecker Street. Take a left on Bleecker and ride straight until you reach the Bowery. Biefly ride the Bowery down to East Houston Street, where you can stay straight for a few blocks before turning on Allen Street. Rise down Allen until you reach Canal Street, where you should be able to see First Class Tattoo on your left.


The subway ride from Greenwich Village to First Class Tattoo is extremely easy! If you get on the orange line F train at the West 4th Street-Washington Square stop, you can sit on this train until you reach the East Broadway station where you can disembark and walk a block up Canal Street to reach your destination.


Driving to First Class Tattoo is a breeze from Greenwich Village. Start on West 4th Street, drive straight past Washington Square Park and continue until you reach the Bowery. Turn right on Bowery and continue down until you reach New Museum, where you turn left and switch over to Chrystie Street alongside Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Continue down until you reach Canal Street, where you can turn left and continue for a few blocks before reaching your final destination.

Our Tattoo Artists Serving Greenwich Village

Once you reach First Class Tattoo, our entire artist team can be at your disposal. Depending on what style of tattoo you want, we can pair you with an expert in that style to create and bring to life the tattoo of your dreams.

Tattoo Ideas Inspired by Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village has long been a refuge for the arts and LGBTQ movement, especially since the 1960s. Tattoos that capture the art you’ll find walking these streets or the people there are great subjects for ink. Other ideas include symbols that capture the thriving jazz scene or the renown street basketball tournament that takes place there. New York University's campus also exists here, which can provide some inspiration for tattoo designs.

Why First Class Tattoo is the Best Shop for Those in Greenwich Village

The extremely talented artists at First Class Tattoo with their close proximity to Greenwich Village makes this the best shop for individuals in the Village looking to get some new ink. Between our team is a fantastic collection of different styles and perspectives that we can pair you with the artist you need and send you home with the tattoos of your dreams. All this is easy to reach through multiple transit options, with only 15 minutes standing between you and the shop. Contact First Class Tattoo today to get started!

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