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Mixing Tattoo Styles with Trash Polka

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The Art of Mixing Tattoo Styles

You’ve heard of the popular tattoo styles: American or Japanese Traditionalism, abstract, black and grey, color realism, etc. You might have even been in a situation where you had to choose one of these styles to represent your design. Lucky for you, that tough choice may become a decision of the past. As tattoo culture continues to progress, the industry more so than ever before is experimenting with mixing these different tattoo styles together. Mixing styles unlocks a huge swath of potential tattoo designs and ideas that have never been seen before. But at the same time, not all styles mix well, which can create weird or awkward designs. In this guide, we will examine how you can mix tattoo styles, specifically trash polka designs, as well as some styles that can be effectively mixed with trash polka to encourage you to get an awesome blended tattoo of your own.

How You Can Mix Tattoo Styles

In general, there are two major ways to mix different tattoo styles. The first way is arguably the easier of the two: it involves having two different tattoos of different styles placed next to each other. For example, if I have a color realistic eagle on my shoulder and a black and grey owl on my bicep, these tattoos are essentially mixed. A viewer would likely see these pieces together and associate them with each other due to their proximity.

On the other hand, tattoo ideas can be specifically designed to display multiple tattoo styles within the same picture. Take, for example, if I’m designing an eagle tattoo for my chest. I could make one wing black and grey while making the other wing follow more American traditional tattoo ideals. At the end of the day, there aren’t major rules to mixing tattoo styles. Both ways of mixing tattoos can work so long as the ideas selected and styles utilized don’t clash, but enhance one another. Always keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s your body and your tattoos, so make the choices that you want to.

Trash Polka

Trash polka tattoos are often described as chaotically beautiful due to the variety of shapes and techniques smashed together. These tattoos are almost entirely made of red and black ink, combining some realism with more abstract ideas. The combination essentially creates a collage of images that play off of and contradict each other to create an eye popping piece of art. This style, if designed and implemented properly, can be successfully mixed with a few other styles. Let’s explore what this mixing might look like.

Mixing: Trash Polka and Abstract Tattoos

Trash polka and abstract tattoos can fit together like hot chocolate on a cold day. This is because trash polka designs usually have an abstract element to them already! What becomes more important when mixing these two styles is the color. As mentioned, trash polka designs are heavily dominated by red and black. When introducing a different abstract element in the design, or nearby the design, using red and black is certainly going to blend the designs together. Perhaps this is what you want, but there is also the potential to incorporate a color like a vibrant green to play off of the trash polka part of the design. It’s hard to go wrong with these two styles mixed together so long as your colors are properly tuned in. What’s more, it’s easy to incorporate a new trash polka design next to an older abstract tattoo because of how wonderfully these styles can work off one another.

Mixing: Trash Polka and Black and grey Tattoos

While abstract tattoos tend to blend very easily with trash polka designs, a black and grey tattoo can also be mixed with trash polka tattoos for a different feel. Trash polka designs often come with an abstract element regardless making that combination very seamless. Black and grey designs tend to be much different than your standard trash polka design. But if proper planning takes place, these styles can be successfully mixed as well.

Black and grey tattoos are just that, black and grey. This color can be used to accentuate the red that pops off a trash polka design. How these styles mix is often the black and grey aspect to be more on the peripheral of the design. Trash polka designs, as mentioned, enjoy an abstract or geometric option to them. Black and grey is the perfect medium to create unique, eye-catching geometry and abstract linework to enhance the mystique of a trash polka design. These styles, while at first glance may not work well together, can actually create quite a strong, unique look if built together or properly placed next to one another.

Contact the Tattoo Artist Experts at First Class Tattoo Today!

Mixing tattoo styles with Trash Polka isn’t always easy, so contact the tattoo experts of New York City at First Class Tattoo today! Our artists are more than willing to work with you to combine, manipulate, and ultimately create a unique, eye-catching tattoo design all your own. Our artists know what works, know how to mix tattoo styles, and know how to create the tattoo that you desire. No tattoo is too big and no design too intricate for First Class Tattoo. Contact us today to get started!

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