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The Complete Guide to Trash Polka Tattoos

Trash Polka is a relatively new tattoo style, that has emerged on the scene in the last 20 years or so. This unique style of tattoo really stands out due to its unique features and intense contrast between one color and black and white. In this guide, we will touch upon what a trash polka tattoo is, walk through the colors that are commonly utilized for the trash polka style, and answer some commonly asked questions surrounding trash polka tattoos.

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What are Trash Polka Tattoos?

This style of tattooing is defined by collage that mixes realistic elements with more abstract ideas. Sometimes described as confusingly beautiful, trash polka does embody the word chaos as many different conflicting elements can be combined for a chaotic yet unified piece that pops off the skin.

In the sphere of trash polka, you will find a combination of realism, brush strokes, geometry, paint splatters, patterns, etc. The gist of the style is to juxtapose beautiful realism with “trash” to create a unique style that is aggressive, yet soft. All these elements come together to create a busy yet beautiful display. A fantastic way to think about these designs is to take a black and white photo and add red streaks and highlights throughout.

Download Our Trash Polka Tattoo Guide

Trash Polka Tattoos - NYC Infographic
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The Colors of Trash Polka

Vibrant colors bring a well-crafted trash polka piece to life. For a true trash polka design, heavily saturated black and reds are the only colors used. These colors create the aggressive, chaotic feeling that goes hand in hand with the style. In fact, the majority of a trash polka design is just in black, usually with big brush strokes. The red (and sometimes blue) comes in to add contrast and have certain elements pop off the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding Trash Polka Tattoos

Where is the Best Placement for Trash Polka Tattoos?

The trash polka style calls for a large canvas size. This is due to the extreme detail that comes with the designs and the writing that accompanies it, usually in a typewriter style font. Examples of these large canvases that excel at hosting a trash polka tattoo include the chest, if you want a flat canvas, or a full or half sleeve. Smaller areas will struggle to be able to support the surreal amount of detail that artists can incorporate into a trash polka design. Also it could be a design placed on the arm with some elements going into other parts of the body like ribs or chest. That creates a lot of flow and dynamic for the piece

Will Trash Polka Tattoos Last?

As far as tattoos go, trash polka does not have the reputation for lasting forever with its brilliance. The designs with a lack of solid black outlines can lead to shapes blurring overtime, especially if they are exposed to a lot of UV rays compliments of the sun. That being said, the red and black colors commonly used are known to last in other tattoo styles, but will certainly fade over time that can cause the tattoo to not jump out quite as much.

What’s the Meaning of Trash Polka Tattoos?

The true meaning of any tattoo comes down to what the individual puts into it. That being said, the designs of trash polka can evoke certain feelings in viewers. The contrasting elements of realism and “trash” create similar contrasting feelings when viewing the art. Typically, trash polka designs can tap into opposites in the world like brutality versus passion or technology versus humanity. Other ideas can be utilized as well, like the passing of time; visible emotion can be detected in most trash polka designs. The word most associated with this art style is aggressiveness, which stems from the art depicted and the saturated red and black color pallet. However, not all trash polka designs are meant to have negative, aggressive emotions surrounding them, but some certainly do have these elements.

Contact the Trash Polka Experts at First Class Tattoo

Trash polka designs are truly one of a kind. To get your trash polka tattoo, contact the finest artists in New York City at First Class Tattoos! These expert artists will help you work through a design and create a unique piece of art for your body, one that will make you stand out. Contact First Class Tattoos today to schedule an appointment and to start your journey into trash polka!

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