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Mixing Styles with Abstract Tattoos

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As the tattoo industry continues to evolve and progress, new styles and trends will continue to appear and gain popularity. One of these trends that has seen increased fame in recent years is the idea of mixing different styles of tattoos together. Mixing styles was once seen as taboo as each style of tattoo came with a set of rules that guided an artist towards the creation of the piece. But as walls continue to break down in the industry, these rigid guidelines disappear, and styles are opened up to a range of possibilities.

As far as the practice of mixing tattoo styles itself, there are generally two methods to which an artist can mix styles: mixing by design and mixing by proximity. Mixing by design refers to the process of designing a tattoo from the beginning with a mix of styles. The whole piece is theoretical until it is all placed on skin. This contrasts with mixing by proximity, which comes by setting a new tattoo next to an old piece already inked. The artist takes into account the old tattoo during the design phase and picks a new tattoo that blends or flows with the previous ink. The close proximity of the pieces links them, essentially creating one final picture. Both methods are great ways to mix styles together!

Abstract Tattoos

In this guide, we want to specifically mix abstract tattoos. To understand what styles will work the best with an abstract piece, we need to understand the features of an abstract tattoo. Abstract tattoos closely follow abstract art; these tattoos don’t attempt to realistically portray an object or emotion, but instead aim to deconstruct then communicate an object or idea through shapes, colors, and other various elements. Within abstract tattooing, there are a variety of different substyles like minimalist or geometry. The key binding factor is a free-flowing blend of lines, shapes, and colors to create feeling, even though the central object may not be immediately recognizable.

Mixing Abstract Tattoos

Due to the free-flowing and unrealistic aspect to abstract tattoos, there are some other styles that can be mixed extremely effectively. Let’s look at specific styles that work with or near abstract pieces.

Color Realism:

Mixing color realism with an abstract tattoo is an amazing opportunity to utilize a recognizable, realistic centerpiece and surround it with abstract elements to install a unique feeling into your tattoo piece. These abstract elements can include different shapes and line patterns along with color or the lack thereof. With abstract tattoos being extremely adaptable, there are plenty of ways to mix color realism with abstract.

Black and Grey:

Black and grey is an extremely adaptable tattoo style, which mixes very well with the flexible style that is abstract. Mixing by design is very easy to achieve while mixing by proximity gives the opportunity to add abstract pieces to a black and grey tattoo or vice versa. It’s hard to go wrong when combining abstract and black and grey tattoos, especially with the expertise of an experienced artist. You can explore abstract geometry pieces or a minimalist abstract piece, for example.

Fine Line:

Similar to black and gray, the fine line tattoo style provides a great opportunity to mix with an abstract piece. Artists will find it easy to blend fine lines with a variety of abstract elements or vice versa. Fine line pieces tend to be small, though, which will either prove to make for a small mixed design or some fine line elements on a larger abstract design. Both approaches are viable ways to walk away with a new, unique feeling tattoo!

Trash Polka:

Compared to the previous styles we discussed, mixing abstract and trash polka designs will be slightly more difficult. You may feel somewhat limited in how you can apply certain designs should you want to follow the essence of trash polka. That being said, abstract geometry can work wonders around a trash polka piece if designed properly to create a fantastically unique tattoo. When mixing these two styles, many artists find they just have to be more diligent about what they pick and choose, but they absolutely still work together!

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