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The Complete Guide to Abstract Tattoos

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An abstract tattoo is always a statement. This has caused the abstract tattoo movement to gain steam over the recent years. These abstract tattoos, similarly to abstract art that was the inspiration for the style, are extremely unique and complex in their presentations. The use of shapes, colors, and lines can capture an expression like few other tattoo styles can.

Abstract tattoos are typically defined as a deconstruction of objects and ideas, portraying these things through an unrealistic lens. Abstract tattoos rarely focus on creating a realistic image, but instead focus on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions surrounding an image and then using colors, shapes, shadows, and other tattooing techniques to create the desired feelings. Naturally, the scope of content for an abstract tattoo design is huge; the possibilities are practically endless. In this guide, we will explore some popular abstract tattoo ideas in hopes to inspire you to create something all yourself. Then, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions by individuals considering an abstract tattoo for their next ink.

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Popular Abstract Ideas:

The approach to abstract tattoos leaves plenty of room for personalization in your design. However, sometimes such intense freedom of expression can make designing a tattoo that you like more difficult. Let’s look at some of the popular ideas people have utilized to create awesome abstract ink.

Minimalist Abstract:

Just as it sounds, a minimalistic abstract tattoo is usually a small design with no big, recognizable object as the centerpiece. This is a great option for those who want a smaller design. Fine line work gives a sleek feel, while use of space can give a visually appealing style. The meaning and design behind these minimalist abstract ideas is not always clear, which gives a unique feeling of mysticism and intrigue around the design.

Abstract Nature:

Abstract depictions of nature are an extremely popular inspiration for abstract tattoos. This shouldn’t be surprising; nature is a popular design choice across many tattoo styles. In these abstract designs, the tattoo usually has a recognizable centerpiece, like a bird or a flower, along with a variety of other features like shapes and shadows to create emotion around the nature centerpiece. The lack of a solid outline that is part of abstract tattooing can make any nature depiction feel flowing and more natural than just a regular, realistic depiction.

Abstract Geometry:

Abstract geometry pieces use shapes and lines to create eye-popping visual effects. It may sound simple, but abstract geometry tattoo designs are a masterclass in laying squares with pentagons on top of triangles with connecting lines and shading that bring all these shapes together. Similar to the minimalist abstract style, these geometric designs leave a lot up for interpretation to the viewer. Many different emotions can be curated by an expert utilizing shapes in the correct manner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Design My Entire Tattoo?

Expert artists have a lot of valuable experience and expertise to create a great design, but at the end of the day, this is art on your skin, so you have the final say in what gets inked. You can design your entire piece, or none of it, and work with your artist to create something you like. Artists don’t get mad if you have your own design and ideals for how it should look. Just be willing to work with the artist should they make some important suggestions based on how the tattoo will present. Especially with abstract designs due to the huge swath of content that can be incorporated. The experts have seen everything and know what works.

Does My Abstract Tattoo Need to Have Meaning?

The short answer is no. You can get an abstract tattoo of anything and it doesn’t have to mean anything. Get the design because you think it's cool and fun to have! Your abstract tattoo doesn’t need a novel of a backstory in order for you to get it. Be prepared for people to ask what it means, but understand that a cool-looking, meaningless abstract tattoo is perfectly acceptable.

Will My Abstract Tattoo Last?

All tattoos will fade over time, but in general, we look towards deep saturated color and dark lines for long tattoo longevity. Abstract tattoos, however, tend to not have the dark, solid outlines that are a staple of tattoo longevity, which means the edges of a design can blur over time. On the other hand, the saturated color that is used in abstract designs will experience minimal fading over time.

Contact the Abstract Experts at First Class Tattoo Today!

From consultation on design to actually putting ink under skin, the expert tattoo artists at First Class Tattoo in NYC are a one-stop shop for all things abstract tattoos. The artists can provide you with expert advice for how to design your tattoo and give suggestions for what will look good. Then they can provide expert linework and saturation to create a breath-taking image on your skin! Contact First Class Tattoo today to get started on your tattoo adventure!

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