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Best Places on Body for a Fine Line Tattoo

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So You Want a Fine Line Tattoo?

If you prefer a minimalistic look, where the ink complements your body in a subtler way than big bold traditional pieces, fine line tattoos are the answer! Done with the smallest needle groupings, fine line tattoos appear gentle and dainty on the skin. Fine line tattooing has gone through a revolution over the last decade, skyrocketing in popularity and contrasting more traditional styles of tattooing - where thick lines and bright colors dominate.

So you’re considering getting one; awesome! Fine line tattoos are a great choice, especially if you want a gentle, cute tattoo that can be hidden easily. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your tenth, fine line tattoos are always a great option. What’s more, artists are able to work a tremendous amount of detail into their designs due to the fineness of the single needle; even small tattoos done with fine lines can be incredibly complex with their detail. However, here you have to listen to your artist’s advice. They know how ink spreads when it ages and will always recommend the appropriate amount of detail for a lasting, beautiful piece!

Another thing to keep in mind, fine line tattoos have a reputation to fade quickly if they aren’t done and cared for correctly. All tattoos will fade over time, especially if they are exposed to the sun often without UV protection. Fine line tattoos, though, being so fine, can really suffer under conditions that cause tattoos to fade. Let’s explore what causes fine line tattoos to fade and some of the good locations where you can get long-lasting fine lines:

The Enemies to Fine Line Tattoos

Tattoos, by definition, are permanent - but that doesn’t mean they won’t change or fade over time just as your skin changes over time. The number one way to have your new fine line tattoo fade quickly is to expose the ink to the sun; the UV rays essentially break down the ink.

Besides the sun, areas that are rubbing constantly on another part of your body or clothing can cause a cool tattoo to begin to fade quicker. This includes areas like the side of your fingers or your armpit where you are constantly in contact with another body part and areas like along a waistband or bra line where your skin is constantly rubbing against fabric. Lastly, you should avoid areas where your skin is susceptible to rigorous stretching. The obvious example is abdomen tattoos that will stretch and warp if you were to get pregnant or add that beer belly.

Spots to Avoid with Fine Line Tattoos

These enemies to fine line tattoos create a few spots that should be avoided when getting your new ink if you want that new tattoo to last.

Feet and Ankles:

Tattoos around the feet and ankle look cool, no doubt. However, these areas are constantly rubbing against shoes and socks, as well as being exposed to more dirt and bacteria than most other areas of your body. While you can get your foot tattoo touched up after a while, a fine line tattoo placed here will certainly fade fast compared to other locations on the body.

Fingers and Hands:

Besides being exposed constantly to the sun, fine line tattoos on your fingers and hands are also exposed to constant rubbing through general life interactions like washing your hands. On top of that, the skin on your fingers and hands is different from the rest of your body and can struggle to hold ink overtime. These factors together cause fine line tattoos on fingers and hands to fade quite quickly.


As previously mentioned, your abdomen, while shielded by the sun for the most part, can leave your tattoo open to warping as life passes by. Things like pregnancy can drastically change the look of a tattoo located here, though the design may recover a bit following the pregnancy. Regardless, the abdomen is an area of big change in life, which will make your tattoo change too.

The Optimal Locations for Your Fine Line Tattoo

Naturally, any area that avoids the enemies of tattoos will help increase the longevity of your fine line tattoo. Here are some examples:

Upper Thigh:

Thigh tattoos are extremely popular for a reason: it’s easy to hide your tattoo from others plus the sun and the area is generally free from any intense rubbing against clothing. Another bonus is that your thigh is generally one of the least painful spots to be tattooed.

Shoulders and Calves:

These areas are great in that they avoid many of the problems with aging like stretching and wrinkles. If you get pregnant, your shoulder tattoo will be just fine. These are other locations that are generally easy to cover from the sun and others, but can also be shown off nicely. Note that your fine line tattoo can see the sun, but should be covered with SPF 50 sunscreen to help keep the UV away from your ink.

Inner Arm:

The inner arm, both the forearm and up by the bicep, are great choices for a fine line tattoo. The inner arm is easy to protect from sun exposure, but gives a great opportunity to be able to show off your ink. These areas are generally safe from any stretching caused by life and rubbing by any clothing or other skin.

These aren’t the only places where a fine line tattoo can thrive, but let them serve as a guide for other locations that would also do well with fine lines. Of course, this is your body and your art so place them where your heart desires. If you want that finger tattoo, follow your dreams!

Choose First Class Tattoo for Your Next NYC Fine Line Tattoo!

To get your appointment for a fine line tattoo of your own, contact the fine line experts at First Class Tattoo. We will happily sit down to discuss the intricacies of your design and provide superior insight into how to place and maintain a fine line tattoo. Don’t hesitate, get on our calendar today!

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